September 19, 2022 /

Novel measurement system for 6G Terahertz communication
[Picture: Crosslink]

The ILH team is proud to explore 6G communication with the brand-new CrossLink system. CrossLink is an innovative measurement system targeting wireless communication systems exploiting the massive aggregation of wideband, complex modulated channels using frequency-division multiplexing in the frequency ranges from 70-110 GHz and from 250-325 GHz, as part of the technological backbone of 6G networks. The custom approach developed by ILH and INT is to adopt wideband frequency up-conversion using highly stable local oscillator sources in a simultaneous combination with wideband signal synthesis and analysis in the time domain.

The CrossLink system was funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) in the frame of the major instrumentation initiative “Messsysteme für ultrahohe Datenraten für Kommunikationstechniken der Zukunft”.

More information on the research at ILH: Link

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