Microwave Circuit Design: CAD & Lab


The course serves to deepen practical knowledge in the field of analog microwave front end design. The exemplary design cycle includes the CAD-software aided simulative circuit design as well as the metrological characterization of circuit components in the laboratory.

Course of studies M.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology University of Stuttgart

The aim of this Fachpraktikum is to deepen theoretical knowledge in the fields of high-frequency circuit design and analog circuit design. For this purpose, the design cycle of an analog microwave frontend for wireless point-to-point communication systems will be covered. Students will use a state-of-the-art CAD environment to design and simulate components of analog microwave frontends. In the laboratory, the metrological characterization of individual circuit components as well as the assembly and measurement of a wireless point-to-point data link is carried out.
Students with outstanding achievements receive the Keysight IndustryReadyCertificate at the end of the course.


Design and layout of circuit components

  • Building blocks of the front end:
    Power Amplifier, Low-Noise Amplifier, Mixer, Frequency Multiplier
  • Characteristic parameters:
    S-parameters, CG, IP3, CP1dB, stability, DC power, (...)
  • Process Design Kit: transistor and diode models, layer stack
  • Simulation environment: Keysight ADS incl. Momentum
  • Simulation types:
    DC, AC, harmonic balance, envelope, transient, EM simulation
  • Physical MMIC layout: DRC, ERC, LVS

Characterization in the laboratory

  • Use of modern laboratory instruments:
    oscilloscope, VNA, spectrum analyzer, AWG, (...)
  • Investigation of characteristic parameters:
    S-parameters, intermodulation, up and down conversion, (...)
Program Introduction
  • System view
  • CAD environment Advanced DesignSystem (ADS)
Phase I - Circuit design / CAD
  • Division of students into groups
  • Each group designs one of the required building blocks
    (PA, LNA, mixer, frequency multiplier)
  • Combining the individual designs to create a complete simulation of the link at the end of Phase I

Phase II - Layout and Assembly

Phase III - Laboratory
  • Metrological characterization of individual circuit components
  • Establishing a wireless point-to-point connection
  • Lecture Microwave Engineering (highly reccomended)
  • Basic knowledge of analog circuit design
Number of participants max. 8 participants

Registration for the Fachpraktikum is organized via C@MPUS.

Registration period:
01.09.2023 0:00 hrs - 05.10.2023 23:59 hrs

Kick-Off 25.10.2023 (14:00 - 17:00 Hours)
ILH-North Meeting Room 2.203
Pfaffenwaldring 31, Universität Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen
SWS / Credits
4 SWS in the winter term / 6 ECTS
Exam The grade of the Fachpraktikum is based on general methods of working, preparation to the sessions as well as the detailed report and the final presentation.
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