DFG 3D-CeraGaN

Conformal intelligent GaN systems-in-package based on 3D ceramics for power electronics (3D-CeraGaN)
Subproject of the DFG Priority Program: "Energy Efficient Power Electronics 'GaNius'"

Project Description and Objective

The project aims at the theoretical investigation and experimental verification of the potential of 3D-integrated ceramic circuit carriers for GaN-based systems-in-package (SiP) for power electronics. Besides the new degrees of freedom of 3D-integrated systems with respect to thermal management and high power density, additional advantages such as package space compliance, miniaturization and reduction of components are investigated.

The research work focuses on smart power modules based on GaN power transistors and the manufacturing processes for 3D molded ceramic interconnect device (MID) circuit carriers, their functionalization and the corresponding 3D packaging and interconnect technology.


This image shows Manuel Rueß

Manuel Rueß


Research Assistant

This image shows Ingmar Kallfass

Ingmar Kallfass

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Institute Director

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