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Microwave Analog Frontend Design - II

Advanced topics for the design of microwave and millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuits (MMIC).

The lecture Microwave Analog Frontend Design - II will be offered as weekly online live lectures in the form of web conferences with the possibility of interaction between the lecturer and the students. A login for participation in the web conferences will be made available on ILIAS. The live event will be recorded and made available for download as video file via ILIAS. In addition to the recordings all lecture material such as scripts, slides, exercises and standard solutions, as well as examples of former exams will be made available for download through ILIAS. 


Lecture: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingmar Kallfass
Exercise: M.Sc. Benjamin Schoch

Course of studies

M.Sc. Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, University of Stuttgart

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (EENG), University of Stuttgart

M.Sc. Information Technology (INFOTECH), University of Stuttgart

Date of lecture Tuesday, 09:45 am – 11:15 am,
beginning 3 November 2020
Date of seminar Friday 11:30 am - 13:00 pm
beginning 6 November 2020
Language English

Lecture: online via webex, more information at ILIAS

Exercise: online via webex, more information at ILIAS


The lecture treats advanced topics of the design of microwave and millimeter-wave analog transmit and receive frontends. While part 1 of the lecture series on microwave analog frontend design focused on the design of individual functional bulding blocks, the second part focuses on nonlinear circuit simulation techniques, design for manufacturing, packaging and integration techniques of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC), and link budget calculations in wireless communication and radar applications.


Part 1: Nonlinear Circuit Analysis

1. Nonlinear transistor modeling and time domain circuit analysis

2. Nonlinear frequency domain circuit analysis

3. Dynamic IV waveforms as circuit design tool

Part 2: Design for Manufacturing

1. Statistical Design: Monte Carlo, Yield, Sensitivity

2. Yield Centering

3. Stability Control

Part 3: Packaging, Mounting and Integration Techniques

Part 4: Link Budget Calculations

1. Communication Power Budget

2. Radar Power Budget

3. Atmospheric Attenuation

SWS 2 + 2
Exam Oral
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Benjamin Schoch

Research Assistant

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