Practical Training - Design and Implementation of an Inverter for RC Model Cars

Institute of Robust Power Semiconductor Systems

In this Team work an inverter for RC model cars will be designed, built and put into operation. The task involve component selection, circuit simulation, schematic creation, layout edition, construction, debugging and testing both on computer as well as in laboratory.

The lab course "Design and Implementation of an Inverter for RC Model Cars" will be offered as an on-site course with the physical presence of students on the premises of ILH. The central hygiene concept of the University of Stuttgart will be applied. The lab course takes place as a weekly event during the lecture term. The lecturer reserves the right to change the mode of organization in order to comply with the prevailing frame conditions for on-site courses.  

Course of studies 4th Semester, B.Sc. Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik Universität Stuttgart
Goals In this course, students learn the full design and manufacturing process of power electronic systems. In addition, students gain practical experience in project management by structuring a concrete task in a team, defining, processing and solving subtasks.
Contents and schedule

Within the framework of this teamwork, a DC/AC converter for an RC model car is to be designed, constructed and put into operation.

The activities include component selection, circuit simulation, schematic design, layout design, assembly, commissioning, debugging and measurements at the computer workstations or in the laboratory.

The first introductory event as well as the first reports will take place online. Attendance dates for the assembly of the circuit will take place in the second half of the summer term in the student’s lab of the Institute for Robust Semiconductor Systems (room 1.161).


  • Introductory event (introduction about the properties of the RC model car, the basics of motor control and circuit design).
  • Self-work with consultation from the lecturer.
  • Intermediate Design Review (IDR).
  • Final Design Review (FDR) and release for production.
  • Several appointments for construction, production and measurement.
  • Final presentation.
Location Online; Universität Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen 
Pfaffenwaldring 47, room 1.161 
Number of Participants 3 groups of 4 students each. 
Registration The registration is through C@mpus and will lead to a place on the waiting list. The final participants will be notified in the beginning of the lecture period.
SWS 2 in summer term 
Registration period 01.04.2021 – 23.04.2021 
Start of the course A flexible date within the second lecture week of the summer term 2021. 



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