Metrology for THz Communication

Institute of Robust Power Semiconductor Systems

The project focuses on the investigation of measurement systems and procedures required for THz communication systems.

Metrology for THz Communication (METERACOM) is a research project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), which deals with the development and verification of measurement systems and methods in the field of THz communication. The consortium consists of the Universities of Braunschweig, Illmenau, Paderborn, Marburg, Lübeck and Stuttgart as well as the PTB Berlin/Braunschweig and its London counterpart NPL. The project is divided in four main project areas, which in turn are divided into several subprojects.

Structure of the research unit, divided into project areas and individual subprojects.

Electronic THz components

The ILH's contribution focuses on providing the technology platform, especially the electronic circuit components of the analog transmit and receive front-end, which is the basis for transmission experiments to verify the metrology concepts developed by all partners within the project. The actual MMIC design is preceded by the system engineering of the THz transceiver, which enables an application-specific top-down circuit design by linking characteristic system and component parameters.

Main work packages of the ILH within METERACOM.

A detailed description of the individual subprojects as well as publications and project partners can be found on the METERACOM homepage and the DFG homepage.

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