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Student Thesis

Here you will find an overview of our offered internal and external bachelor's and master's thesis and research projects. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the listed tutor.

If you are interested on one of the topics from the table below, please contact the corresponding supervisor.

If you are interested on a student thesis on research fields of the ILH we offer individual topics (without obligation). For further information, please contact Mr. Christopher Grötsch.

Open student theses

Title Type Field Supervisor
Synchronous Detection for Ultra-Wide Band Communication Systems Operating at E-Band Carrier Frequencies with High Data Rates FA/BA PE Aleksey Dyskin
Thermomechanical Reliability of Power Modules FA/BA PE Javier Acuna
Short Circuit Protection of Wide-Bandgap Devices FA/BA PE Javier Acuna
Sensorless measurement of the junction temperature of GaN/SiC devices MA/BA/FA PE Kanuj Sharma
Sensor Design: Electromyography Sensor for Microcontroller Applications BA/FA PE Kanuj Sharma
GaN based power electronics (multiple topics) MA/BA/FA PE Kanuj Sharma
Real-time detection of the junction temperature during switched operation of an inverter FA/MA PE Kevin Muñoz Barón
Active power cycling tests in switched mode for SiC MOSFETs FA/MA PE Kevin Muñoz Barón
Design of a gate drive circuit for silicon carbide bridge circuits
FA/MA PE Kevin Muñoz Barón
HiWi position in the field of reliability tests of semiconductors HiWi PE Kevin Muñoz Barón
Multi-Physics Analysis of a Power Electronic Module MA/FA PE Julian Weimer
High-precision switching loss measurement of wide bandgap power semiconductors MA/FA PE Julian Weimer
Variable Inductive Load with Constant Parasitic Properties BA/FA PE Julian Weimer
Innovative Cooling Systems in Power Electronics BA/FA/MA PE Julian Weimer
Phase Change Materials (PCMs) as Latent Heat Storage in Power Electronics BA/FA/MA PE Julian Weimer
Thermoelectric Behavior of High-Energy-Density DC Link Capacitances BA/FA/MA PE Julian Weimer
Measurement of high-frequency inductor currents
BA/FA/MA PE Dominik Koch
GaN-on-SOI: „Monolithic integration of logical circuits“ BA/FA/MA PE Dominik Koch / Jan Hückelheim
High Precision Current Measurement of GaN-Transistors with SMD-Shunts BA/FA/MA PE Dominik Koch
Simulation, Modelling and Optimization of Transformers for high-frequent switching converters FA/MA PE Dominik Koch
Dead-time optimization of GaN-HEMTs by adaptive gate-driver FA/MA PE Dominik Koch
Calorimetric Measurement of Soft-Switching Losses of a Half-Bridge with the use of Integrated Temperature Sensors FA/MA LE Dominik Koch
Qualitative comparison between different temperature sensor with automated control BA/FA LE Dominik Koch / Kevin Muñoz Barón
On the Applicability and Limitations of Modern 3D-Printing Techniques to Power Electronics FA/ST PE Ingmar Kallfass
On the Applicability and Limitations of Modern 3D-Printing Techniques to Power Electronics MA PE Ingmar Kallfass
Terahertz-Zeitbereichsreflektometrie zur Fehleranalyse 3D-Integrierter Schaltungen MA/FA HF Ingmar Kallfass
Active EMI Concepts in Switched-Mode Power Converters MA PE Ingmar Kallfass
Frequency Multiplier MMICs for Terahertz Electronic Systems MA/FA HF Iulia Dan
Design of 240 GHz frequency divider in SiGe:BiCMOS technology for mmW carrier recovery MA HF Eswara Rao Bammidi
Implemenation of DSP based configurable low pass filter for phase locked loop applications MA HF Eswara Rao Bammidi
Implementation of FPGA based configurable low pass filter for phase locked loop applications MA HF Eswara Rao Bammidi
Design of low phase noise and low sensitivity VCO at 20 GHz MT HF Eswara Rao Bammidi
EM simulations of broadband RFICs in SiGe:C BiCMOS Technology MT/FA HF Eswara Rao Bammidi
Broadband techniques in RF-PCB for broadband IC from DC to 50 GHz MT HF Eswara Rao Bammidi
Design, Simulation and Comparison of 90°- and 180°-hybrid couplers at 80 and 300 GHz BA/FA HF Christopher Grötsch
Elektrophysikalische Modellierung von Leistungshalbleitern BA/FA/MA PE Nikolas Bauer
Implementierung einer minimalinvasiven hochfrequenten Strommessemethode in einer Gallium-Nitrid Halbbrücke BA/FA/MA PE Nikolas Bauer
Evaluation of the Standard Compact Model for Vertical Power MOSFETs MA/FA PE Lixi Yan


Research work with our industrial partners

Studentjob offers with our Industry partners

Title Type Specialty Industry Partner
Hardware Design Automotive and Energy Solutions Working Student High Frequency Technology Keysight Technologies

Finished student theses

Title Type Field Year Student Supervisor
Reverse Characteristic and Body Diode Modeling of Power MOSFETs MA PE 2019 Tianyu Li Lixi Yan
Simulation of Advanced GaN Power Devices and Circuits based on Virtual-Source Compact Model FA PE 2017 Tailang Xie Stefan Mönch
Simulation of SMD Packages for 600 V Integrated GaN Power Circuits FA PE 2017 Tianyu Li Stefan Mönch
Efficiency Analysis of Lateral GaN-on-Si Power Transistors with Respect to the BAckside Potential in 600 V DC/DC Converters MA PE 2017 Ren Li Stefan Mönch
Temperaturabhängige Charakterisierung von GaN Leistungstransistoren zur Auslegung einer bis 150 °C robusten Ansteuerschaltung FA PE 2017 Jan Hückelheim Stefan Mönch
Analyse adaptiver RC Snubber in elektrischen Energiewandlern mit Augenmerk auf die Effizienzoptimierung unter Berücksichtigung der EMV-Randbedingungen MA PE 2017 Patrick Dietsche Julian Weimer
Entwurf eines Integrierten EMV-Filters für Anwendungen in Elektromobilität FA PE 2017 Qingyue Chen Javier Acuna
Fehlererkennungsmechanismen für GaN-basierende Umrichter FA PE 2017 Janes Walter Javier Acuna
Untersuchung der Schalt- und Durchlassverluste in DC/DC Wandlern unter Anwendung des Doppel-Gewichtungsprinzips an einer Halbbrücken-Gegenschaltung FA PE 2017 Luis Sarmiento Stefan Mönch
Entwurf einer Halbbrücke mit parallel geschalteten GaN Leistungshalbleitern MA PE 2017 Songhai Zhang Javier Acuna
Entwurf und Implementierung einer Regelung in einem digitalen Signalprozessor für bürstenlose Gleichstrommotoren unter Auswertung der differenziellen induzierten Spannung BA PE 2016 Sören Ganssloser Javier Acuna
Measurement of a 300 GHz communication systems based on millimeter wave monolithic integrated circuits FA HF 2016 Xiaohui Nie Iulia Dan
Untersuchung der Treiberverluste eines GaN-basierten synchronen 600 V DC/DC Wandlers mit monolithisch integriertem Gate-Treiber MA PE 2016 Semy Ben-Khelifa Stefan Mönch
Charakterisierung von lateralen 650 V GaN-on-Si Leistungstransistoren hinsichtlich des Substrat-Potentials FA PE 2016 Yajing Li Stefan Mönch
Entwurf eines aktiven Fundamentalmischers bei 240 GHz MA HF 2016 Xiaodan Dai Christopher Grötsch
Hochfrequente Modellierung von Leistungsmodulen für Anwendungen in Elektromobilität BA PE 2016 Dominik Koch Javier Acuna
Entwurf und Charakterisierung von Halbbrückenmodulen für 600 V GaN Transistoren mit integriertem Gate-Treiber MA PE 2016 Cornelius Bachmeir Stefan Mönch
Messtechnik zur dynamischen RDS,ON Messung von 600V GaN Leistungstransistoren FA PE 2016 Semy Ben-Khelifa Stefan Mönch
Messtechnik zur dV/dt Messung von sub-Nanosekunden Schaltflanken von 600V GaN Leistungstransistoren FA PE 2016 Jochen Spohrer Stefan Mönch
Design of a Power Amplifier for a Terahertz Transciever MA HF 2016 Benjamin Schoch Iulia Dan
Nicht-intrusive Messung der Schaltverluste von Galliumnitrid Transistoren in Halbbrückenschaltung FA PE 2016 Hong Wei Stefan Mönch
An approach for nonlinear transistor modelling of a SiC Power MOSFET based on the COBRA expression MA PE 2016 Lixi Yan Cristino Salcines
Aufbau einer Doppelpuls-Messschaltung zur Charakterisierung des dynamischen Schaltverhaltens von Leistungstransistoren BA PE 2015    
Design of a Variable-Gain Low-Noise Amplifier for Terahertz Communication Systems MA HF 2014    
240 GHz SiGe Frequenzteiler für mmW Trägerrückgewinnung MA HF 2015    
Robust Gate Driver Circuit for Monolithic Integration with GaN-on-Si 600 V Power Transistor MA PE 2014    
Modellierung eines Siliziumcarbid Leistungs-MOSFET MA PE 2014    
Thermische und elektrische Charakterisierung und Modellierung eines TO-220 Transistorgehäuses für die Leistungs­elektronik MA PE 2014    
Charakterisierung des Schaltverhaltens von GaN-Leistungstransistoren MA PE 2014    
Entwicklung eines Phasendetektors zur synchronen Demodulation in ultrabreitbandigen Richtfunkanwendungen MA HF 2013    
Konzeptionierung und Entwurf eines Multiphasen-Aufwärtswandlers unter Verwendung von GaN-Leistungstransistoren MA PE 2014    
EMC Study of a High Switching Frequency GaN Converter FA PE 2014    


Further notes

In principle, it is possible to work on the topics of the announced theses in the context of a MA, FA, BA or as a HiWi, even though they are not denoted as such.

Own ideas for possible topics are welcome to be proposed. Current announcements and the projects, which the ILH works on, can serve as an inspiration. If interested, please contact a research assistant of the ILH to arrange an appointment for discussion.

Further topics or cooperations might be announced in the foyer Pfaffenwaldring 47 or the institute.

MA = master's thesis
BA = bachelor's thesis
FA = research project (Forschungsarbeit)
ST = study thesis
HiWi = student assistant

PE=Power electronics

HF=High frequency electronics

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