Seminar Selected Topics - Best Paper Award

October 24, 2022

On 13th of October we organized at ILH the festive wrap-up session for the Seminar "Selected Topics in Power and Microwave Engineering".  The students Satabdi Bastia and Burak Ozat were awarded with the best papers prizes for their works entitled "Temperature Measurement Methods in WBG Power Semiconductors"  and "SiGe BiCMOS - next generation RF node?", respectively! They were selected from 31 participants in the course based on their submitted paper best originality, value, clarity and quality ratings. Congratulations to the winners and best of luck to all the seminar participants!

This course deals with current research topics in high data rate communications and wide-bandgap semiconductor technology (e.g. GaN, SiC) for power electronics and millimeter wave applications. In the guided self-study part, students deepen a selected topic of the lecture and prepare a scientific paper in the form of a conference paper and present it in a final presentation. Students acquire knowledge and experience on writing and presenting a scientific publication through the study and preparation of an individually chosen topic from among a given list of topics in power and microwave electronics. The seminar proceedings is online, on the course website. 

Laura Manoliu, Burak Ozat, Satabdi Bastia, Ingmar Kallfass (from left to right)
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