Institute of Robust Power Semiconductor Systems

Opto-electronic high data rate communication system at 300 GHz.

Combining photonics and electronics to achieve ultra high data rate in wireless transmissions

Since 10 years, intensive research actions have taken place in several labs in the world towards new high speed wireless transmission systems using THz frequencies (> 200 GHz). TERASONIC key feature is the association of well-known German and French partners in this very competitive field of research. Both partners demonstrated state-of-the-art THz system demonstrators in the 300 GHz band, using solid-state electronics for high output power transmitters and low-noise receivers on the German side, and photonic devices for wideband, high dynamic range transmitters on the French side, leveraging national project outcomes (German side: DFG Real100G.com, BMBF-MILLILINK, TERAPAN, French side: ANR-WITH, COM’TONIQ). Gathering the two countries’ expertise, our objective is to combine and exploit the unique strengths of photonic and electronic technologies in full-collaborative THz links to achieve performance well beyond the state-of-the-art, namely 100 Gbps+ at 300 GHz, real-time performance, high dynamic range and system margin, as a strong step towards reliable THz communication systems, and acting on first THz band radio regulations expected in 2019.

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