Keramische Substrate in GaN-Leistungsmodulen - DFG 3D-CeraGaN

April 22, 2024

[Picture: ILH, University of Stuttgart]

The ILH is currently involved in the DFG project 3D-CeraGaN in the DFG Priority Programme 2312 "GaNius", in which the advantages of ceramic substrates in the field of GaN-based power electronics are being investigated. The significantly improved thermal behavior of ceramic substrates in combination with the fast switching of GaN power semiconductors has the potential to significantly increase power density in power modules.
A thermally and electrically co-designed concept based on a low-inductance PCB-on-ceramic stack-up enables MHz switching frequencies in combination with kW power levels. The detailed results and findings will be presented by Manuel Rueß at the GaN Marathon 2024 in Verona.

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