ECPE msPEBB demonstrator

October 20, 2021 /

ECPE msPEBB Phase 2

Modular and Scaleable 48 V 100 A Power Module based on GaN HEMTs
[Picture: ILH]

As part of the ECPE Project "Packaging Technology of GaN LV msPEBB Phase 2" we, together with the  Electronics Integration Lab /University of Applied Science Kempten, are investigating a high-current (>100 A) low-voltage (<100 V) modular scalable intelligent power module based on PCB-embedding of the latest GaN power transistors. The materials and design choices are oriented towards achieving high power densities, current scalability through device parallelization, and high temperature operation of the intelligent power modules for e.g. automotive drive train applications.

Have a look into several publications from the first phase:

msPEBB demonstrator
ECPE msPEBB demonstrator

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This image shows Dominik Koch

Dominik Koch

Research Assistant

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