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W-Band GaN PA with Pre-Distortion and Efficiency Enhancement Based on GaN DC/DC Variable Power Supply for Space Applications

MTT-Sat Challenge

The MTT-Sat Challenge is a worldwide competition for teams of undergraduate and graduate students to design and build radio frequency (RF) and microwave hardware for small satellites.

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This project aims to develop an ultra-compact and efficient W-band front end of an Up- /Downlink for satellite communication by combining the expertise of scholars from the areas of power and microwave electronics from within one university institute. The major goal is to improve the power added efficiency (PAE), enhance linearity and provide a supply modulation in view of the high dynamic range application scenarios of low-earth orbit satellite missions. Furthermore, the PAE of efficient SSPA plays a major role for active antenna systems and is therefore at the cutting edge of current research. For both, the millimeter-wave and power electronic group of the institute, this project would further intensify their current research topics in the field of satellite communication and monolithic integrated power stages.


This image shows Dominik Koch

Dominik Koch


Group Leader Power Electronics / Research Assistant

This image shows Benjamin Schoch

Benjamin Schoch


Research Assistant

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